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Boiled shrimp(6) 3.99 (12) 7.59

Cold peel to eat shrimp served with cocktail

Raw oysters(6) 5.99 (12) 9.99

Shucked to order served with horseradish and lemons

Shrimp & Oysters9.59

Six boiled shrimp served with six raw oysters

Fried Pickles5.99

Don’t knock it till you try it you wont be disappointed

Fried Mushrooms6.99

Super duper awesome served with a side of ranch

Stuffed Jalapenos(4) 5.99

Real crab meat that ends with a bite

Fried Gator(market)

Taste just like chicken

Fried Calamari7.99

A plentlyful serving to start the family off with


A deep fried hoggie stuffed with cheesy crawfish sauce

Shrimp Cocktail(Sm) 5.99 (Lg) 9.99

Large Boiled shrimp served with a marmalade sauce ready to enjoy

Saltwater Sampler9.99

Combination of Boudin minis, Jalapenos, Calamari, Fried Cheese

Egg Rolls 6.99

Fried to a golden Brown and served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce


Any way you like it: Grilled, Fried, or Boiled

Spinach and Crab Artichoke Dip8.99

Mouthwatering dip with lumps of real crab meat served with a side of chips

Stuffed Mushrooms8.99

Fresh mushrooms stuffed w/ real crabmeat and topped w/ provolone cheese

Wings(5) 3.99 (10) 7.59

Your choice of BBQ,Garlic, OR Hot Sauce

Fried Cheese(5) 3.99

Fried to a golden crisp and served w/ marina sauce


Served with a side of sour cream, pico de gallo & avacado



Onion Rings4.99

Homemade beer battered rings cooked to a golden brown


Real crabmeat grilled or fried to your liking


Lunch Menu

Tuesday - Friday 11am - 4pm

Shrimp Basket 7.99

Medium shrimp served with french fries and hushpuppies

Catfish Basket 6.99

One filet battered with cornmeal served with french fries and hushpuppies

Fish Basket 6.99

One tilapia filet served with french fries and hushpuppies

Large Shrimp Basket 7.99 

6 jumbo butterfly shrimp served with french fries and hushpuppies

Burger Basket 5.99

Classic burger served with mayo, tomatoes, and lettuce with a side of fries

Chicken Crispers Basket 7.99

Tender juciy chicken strips served with french fries and hushpupies

Poboy and Gumbo 7.99

Shrimp, Fish, Catfish, Oyster, or Crawfish Poboy served with a cup of shirmp gumbo

Crabcake Sandwich 6.99

Served on a bun with tarter, lettuce, and tomatoes with a side of fries

Soup and Salad Combo 7.99

Your choice of and 1/2 salad and a cup of shrimp gumbo or chowder

Grilled Shrimp 7.99

6 jumbo butterfly shrimp grilled and served with a side of coleslaw and shrimp fried rice

Blackened Tilapia 7.99

Grilled fish served over a bed of white rice and coleslaw

Po Boys

All poboys served with French fries 9.99

Combo Po Boys 10.99

Create your own perfect poboy just follow the steps below.

Choose Between • shrimp • snapper • oysters • crawfish • catfish • tilapia • chicken

How would you like your poboy?

Fried Or Grilled

Choose your Toppings • lettuce • Tomatoes • Tarter • Cocktail • Mayo • Mustard • Pickles

Additional Charge Toppings .50¢ • Cheese • Avocado • Bacon

Fried Platters

All fried platters are served with French fries and hushpuppies unless noted otherwise
substations may be subject to extra cost.

Fried FishReg. 8.99 . Lg. 12.99

Fried Shrimp(6) 8.99 (12) 13.99

Fried Coconut Shrimp(6) 8.99 (12) 13.99

Fried Oysters Reg8.99  Lg.13.99

Fried Snapper14.99

Crispy Chicken Crispers9.99

Fried CrawfishReg. 8.99 Lg. 12.99

Fried CatfishReg. 8.99 .Lg. 12.99

Crabcake Dinner10.99

Fried Soft Shell Crab15.99

Choice of Three16.99
Choose between fish, snapper, shrimp, oysters, chicken, crab cake, crawfish

Captains Dinner18.99
Fish, large shrimp, oysters, crawfish and a crab cake

Chicken Fried Steak10.99
Served with mashed potatoes, corn, and toast

Chicken Fried Chicken9.99
Served with mashed potatoes, corn, and toast

Grilled Platters

Served with your choice of two sides -- Baked potato is additional $1.99 -- Side Salad substution $0.99

Add a skewer to any platter:
shrimp & veggie- $4.99 ----- chicken & veggie- $3.99 ---- shrimp, scallops, & veggie- $5.99

Grilled Shrimp(6) 8.99 (12)13.99

Jumbo shrimp mixed with our saltwater spices 

Grilled Scallops14.99

Tasty bay scallops and you don’t have to drive to Galveston to get them

Grilled Shrimp & Fish   14.99
A taste of the two best seafoods together

Grilled Chicken & Shrimp  14.99
Combination for those who really don’t what they want

Blackened Catfish10.99
Great flavor not to spicy not too fishy favorite

Garlic Glazed Salmon14.99
Flakey salmon topped with our secret glazed garlic sauce


Cajun Chicken Pasta 9.99

Blackened chicken served over a bed of Penne pasta

Cajun Shrimp Pasta 11.99

Blackened shrimp served over a bed of penne pasta

Citrus Grilled Tilapia10.99
Blackened tilapia with hints of orange and lemon

Flaming Shrimp Brochette12.99
Large mouthwatering shrimp wrapped with a jalapeno and bacon

Surfers Special15.99
8oz strip cooked to your liking served with grilled, coconut, or fried shrimp 

Seaside Platter19.99
A variety of skewers mixed with chicken, shrimp, scallops, oysters and veggies served with a filet of fish

Grilled Snapper 16.99

Steamed and boiled 

Served with sides of corn and potato

(Boiled)16.99  (Grilled)20.99

 (Fried)18.99   (Coconut)18.99

King Crab market

Snow Crab market

Crawfish market

House Bucket 18.99

1lb snow crab, 12 Boiled Shrimp, 1lb crawfish


Saltwater Special 42.99
½ lb. shrimp, 1lb. Crawfish, ½ lb. sausage,
1lb. Snow crab, and ½ lb. king crab

Soups and Salads

Seafood Gumbo(Cup)5.99(Bowl)10.99

Shrimp, oysters,  crabmeat, and sausage         .

Shrimp Gumbo(Cup) 3.99 (Bowl) 7.99

New England
Clam Chowder
(Cup) 3.99 (Bowl) 7.99
Creamy classic with clams and potatoes 

Mixed greens topped with cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, croutons, & bacon

Boiled: 9.99   Grilled: 11.99   Fried: 11.99

Fish SaladFried: 9.99   Grilled: 10.99
Mixed greens topped with cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, croutons, & bacon

Grilled Salmon Salad14.99
Mixed greens topped with  tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and  croutons

Chicken Salad9.99
Mixed greens topped with cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, croutons, & bacon

Combo Soup and Salad 9.99
Your choice of any ½ salad and cup of gumbo or chowder


Classic Burger6.99
Lettuce, Tomatoes, Mayo, and Pickles

Bacon Cheese Burger8.99
Bacon, Cheese, Mayo, Tomatoes, and Pickles

Saltwater Burger10.99
Double meat, double cheese, avocado, bacon, mushrooms, and Jalapenos



French Friessm.1.99 lg. 2.49

Onion Ringssm 2.99 lg. 4.99

Baked Potato2.99

White Rice.99

Shrimp Fried Ricesm 3.99 lg 7.99

Sweet Potato Friessm1.99 lg. 2.99

Mashed Potatoes2.49

Green Beans1.99



Corn on the cob.50

Red potatoes .50

Baby Carrots1.99



Chocolate Mud Cake2.99

Crumbled Peach Cobbler3.99

Key Lime Pie3.99

Ice cream (Chocolate/vanilla)1.99